Children and Sons

Children and Sons

Children and Sons

The coming revival is about the Church coming into her place as the custodian of the Earth and for Christians to come into sonship and exercise our authority as sons of God. Notice I did not say children, but sons. The reason for this is because every Christian is a child of God, born of the Word of God (the incorruptible seed) and not of man (the corruptible seed), which is what is meant by being born again. However, becoming a son is as a consequence of maturity and a place of authority.

It is not everyone born as a child in the family that is entrusted with responsibility, but only the children who have proved themselves trustworthy that will be rewarded with trust, and as such, are ready to receive and operate in their inheritance. 

The differentiator between the children who have proved themselves and children who haven’t is just one thing: the Holy Spirit leads the mature children. For us to operate in our inheritance in God, we need to be submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Unless God cannot trust us with what He has kept in store for us. 

If we study the life of Jesus, you will see that everything Jesus was able to do was by the Holy Spirit. In fact, His ministry could not start, until the Holy Spirit came on Him and the next thing we see is that the Holy Spirit is leading Him to the wilderness. He said that the works He does are by His Father Who lives in Him – the Father He was referring to here was the Holy Spirit. 

The extent to which we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit is the extent that God will entrust us with our inheritance and use us as tools in His hands. If we do not learn to yield to the Holy Spirit, then we will be no different to the unbelievers, and we will not be able to take our place and bring order to this chaotic world. 

It is time to submit to the Holy Spirit!

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