Hell is coming to the World and the Church is Responsible for it

Hell is coming to the World and the Church is Responsible for it

Hell is coming to the World and the Church is Responsible for it

The sky is falling, and the sun is about to crash into the Earth! I know this sounds too dramatic. However, when you consider the fact that gun and knife violence has claimed the lives of 91 people this year, in London alone; the economic unrest all over the world, the neglection of the needy and deprived, the constant threat to our security due to terrorism and mass murders and the rise of sexual pervasion and gender confusion. The sky might as well fall, and the sun crash into the Earth.

The world is in a chaotic state, and it bears a resemblance to how it was in Genesis chapter 1:2: “void, desolate and without form. Darkness covers the face of the deep”. We are truly living in dark times. You may even call it: Hell, on Earth! 

It is no wonder that the atheist does not believe in God, the agnostic is indifferent about the idea of a god, or the deist believes that God has abandoned the Earth. I mean, if there is a God, He should at least bring order to this chaotic cosmos. 

However, the Bible provides us with God’s perspective on this:

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.” (Psalms 115:16)

“God stands in the divine assembly; He judges among the gods (divine beings). How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Vindicate the weak and fatherless; do justice and maintain the rights of the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; rescue them from the hand of the wicked. The rulers do not know, nor do they understand; they walk on in the darkness [of complacent satisfaction] All the foundations of the earth [the fundamental principles of the administration of justice] are shaken.” (Psalms 82: 1 – 5)

From these scriptures, we see that God willed the Earth to us humans and has empowered us – the Church in particular (I expanded more on this in my book: And they shall be called the Sons of God) to be His voice and bring the needed solutions to the Earth. Hence why I say that the Church is responsible for the chaos and atrocities – Hell, on the Earth. 

To the Christian community, before you cast your stones at me, ask yourselves these questions: Am I helping the weak and fatherless around me? Do I act justly and maintain the right of the afflicted? Do I rescue those who are without help? Am I intentionally pursuing God’s plan and purpose for my life or am I just chasing my next pay cheque?

If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that we the Church have become complacent in the mission that God has given us. We are more concerned about the world receiving us rather than catering to the needs of the world. 

God has called us to be a fountain of solutions and a blessing to the world. If we switch off our light, to blend in with the darkness, have we not made the world even darker? This is why many people challenge the Church on the appropriation of funds donated by members. Beyond pastors flying private jets and leading a celebrity lifestyle, the world feels we do not care, and in truth, we don’t. If we did, we will stand up and shine our lights as brightly as we can, so that the whole world will see that we are the lighthouse that will save them from crashing into the rocks and lead them safely to shore. If we do not do this, the chaos will continue, many more will lose their lives, and we will give an opportunity for the enemy to claim more souls for his kingdom. As this happens, the world will be at our footsteps and begin to question the need for our existence. Many Churches will be closed down as a result, and others rise to flames. 

The question to us as Christians is that will we continue to sit inactively in the sweet-by-and-by and watch the world go to Hell or will we stand up and be counted – just as God has called us to do?

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