Ignorance the Identity Thief

Ignorance the Identity Thief


Ignorance the Identity Thief

God has called the Church to be the gods of the Earth. In Psalm 82, the Bible tells us that God is standing in the congregation of the mighty and He is judging among the gods. Further on, it tells us that we are gods because we are children of the Most High. We are called gods because we are children of God. Just as a lion will give birth to lions and a tiger will give birth to its kind; in the same vein, when we became born again, we are born with the same DNA as God. Therefore, we are gods. 

But the question here is, why then are we not operating as gods? Why are we not bringing the solutions and impact God has blessed us with to the world? The answer is we are ignorant of our identity in Christ, and therefore, we have been robbed of it. 

I heard a story about a wealthy man who died and willed his entire estate to his son. However, because his son refused to receive the education his father provided for him while he was still alive, he was unable to read the will to know what his father had provided for him. So, he suffered severely as a result. He had to resolve to menial labour to meet ends meet; even though he was a wealthy man. It was until when the man had an encounter with someone his father had helped in the past – who was surprised at his condition, read the will to him and exposed him to what was already his. 

The same is with us as Christians. Except we open our hearts and be willing to study God’s word to know who we are and what God has made available to us, we cannot do what He has called and empowered us to do. Instead of us solving the problems of the world, we will be the ones in need of help, because we do not know who we are. 

Ignorance is a choice. I say this because, even if you are genuinely ignorant, you can make an effort to find out. So, it is time to find out, stand up and take your place as a god on the Earth. If we do not, we will suffer the same peril as those God has empowered us to deliver.

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