About us

Tolu Oyewole Ministries and Wife

Tolu Oyewole Ministries is the itinerant ministry of Tolu Oyewole, who is called as a Prophet and an Evangelist.

The focus of Tolu Oyewole Ministeries is to help the Church identify and operate in our place on the Earth as the Sons of God, which we believe will lead to the biggest revival recorded in Christian history.

We believe that in this revival, many souls will be won for Christ and we will Ministrieswitness the manifestation of the Holy Spirit like never before.

Tolu Oyewole is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the author of five books and the proud husband of Debbie Shobo-Oyewole. He has been in the Lord’s service for about twelve years as a Youth Minister at his college and his local church.  His mission is to be a lifter of nations, help the Church come into their place and operate as the Sons of God.