The Groanings and Expectations of Creation


The Groanings and Expectations of Creation

When we talk about revival, we immediately think about Christian crusades springing up, miraculous healings and signs and wonders everywhere. While all these physical manifestations of the miraculous are significant and have their place, this is not what this coming revival is all about.

The world is under the influence of the enemy, and as a result, wickedness has become the order of the day. Therefore, lawlessness, injustice, and wickedness as multiplied on the Earth. They are manifesting in forms like terrorism, an increased level of youth violence, homosexuality, gender confusion, atheism, deism, anti-God laws and various types of sinful behaviour and ideologies. As a result of all these mentioned above, the just are denied justice, and the broken-hearted are not only left without comfort, but their sufferings have severely increased. 

The revival that God is bringing on the Earth is for the Church and every Christian to rise and take their place as the custodians of the Earth, and bring back order to a dysfunctional and desolate world. God wants us to become solutions to the problems facing the world today, just as Joseph and Daniel were in their days. 

The Bible tells us that the earnest expectation of creation is the manifestation of the sons of God. The world is looking for heroes, and God is looking for people through whom He will use to bring healing and restoration to the world. I am not saying that the miraculous as we know it will not happen. They will, even in increased measure. However, they will only be one of the fruits of the revival; the central aspect is the Church and each Christian rising to take their place and play their role in the Kingdom of God. 

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