The Power of Intentionality


We all have wishes and desires for our lives. In most cases, these wishes, and desires are unending. For example, we may wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, wish to earn more money, wish to have a better marriage or wish to have a more intimate relationship with God. But all these wishes and desires will only remain a daydream and a mirage until we decide to be intentional in our pursuits of these things.

Peter is an excellent example of intenationality. When he and his fellow disciples were caught up in a storm, and they saw a man walking on water. They were all afraid, but once they realised that it was Jesus – Peter desired to go to Him; he expressed this by asking Jesus, “If it is You, ask me to come.” Jesus gave Him the go ahead, and he immediately acted on His word and walked on water with Jesus.

He also demonstrated intenationality at his first encounter with Jesus. He had laboured all night in the quest to feed his family – but it was to no avail. However, when Jesus instructed him to cast his net once more, he demonstrated intentionality by obeying Jesus’ instruction and caught an unprecedented break, so much so that he had to ask for help.

On both occasions, Peter was very clear about what he wanted and was intentional about pursuing it. If Peter did not make the decision to call out to and listen to Jesus, he would have never had the experience of walking on water nor experience the unprecedented provision of God. In the same vein, we too may never achieve the things that God has laid on our hearts if we are not intentional like Peter was.

One of the things I have learnt in my Christian journey is that I can only be as close to God as I choose to be – regardless of how much I desire it. My mentee will always say that change does not come by chance but by choice. Therefore, it is time for us to stop waiting for our dreams and wishes to come true. We need to rise and take the step of faith required to achieve those things that God has placed in our hearts to do. If we do not take the initial action or decision, our desires and wishes will one day become our regret.

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